ICFAI HYDERABAD-Lex Knot Lex- Festum 2018 March 29 to April 1, 2018

The ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad cordially invites all the jewels of Law, the
Pillars in Nation building. It gives us an immense pleasure to enunciate during the
law festival ‘Lex-Knot-2018’ — A plethora of activities fosters healthy
competition and creativity which eventually results in knowledge sharing. In this
digital world, the internet has enabled new forms of social interactions, activities,
and social associations, we with an earnest effort tried to create an ambience where
students develop their interpersonal as well as intra-personal skills by
participating in various activities. The real interaction between the individuals and
institutions triggers more exhilaration and facilitates better sharing and
assimilation of knowledge. This, in turn instills the qualities of team cohesion and
brings unity in diversity.

About the Event:

Lex-Knot-2018 is an artisan platform, which is designed to inculcate multidimensional
learning and to carve the present legal aspirants to legal professionals
of the 21st century. Lex-Knot-2018 is a bunch of events, which are student-centric
highly competitive and develops healthy bonding among students, teachers,
professionals, corporates and judiciary with a socio-political legal interface. This
bonding is ceaseless and creates a concrete pathway for the career and academic
endeavors. Lex-Knot-2018 emits the light of various traits of legal profession
that represents specific skill sets such as articulation, research, advocacy,
personality etc.

Lex-Knot-2018 nurtures various talents to bring holistic
development among the students. The whole event is going to be vibrant and fun
We hereby heartfully welcome you all to take active part in the following events to
actualize your potential and enrich the experiences from 29th March to 1st April

1. Mediation

2. Asian Parliamentary Debate

3. Judgment Writing

4. Essay Writing

5. Legal Quiz

6. Photography

7. Cultural Competitions


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