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India, independent since 1947 has hosted around 13 presidents. However as it turns out to be the 14th presidential elections have turned out to be quite a political fiasco. It is usually considered that the post of the president is not as powerful as the prime minister and perhaps this is the reason we haven’t witnessed any major political battles over the post of the president in the past.

This has changed this year, the election of the new president after the current president Pranab Mukherjee retires has rather become quite an event for the political parties in the country. The presidential elections are usually a silent affair in the country but this year along with many other surprises from the ruling party we got one more.

NDA government has yet again pulled a carefully orchestrated political play when they nominated Ram Nath Kovind as the candidate for becoming the next president of the country. Ram Nath Kovind was the governor of state of Bihar (now resigned), a person with an impeccable career both politically and socially, an advocate by profession he has also served in many important roles in the judicial segment for the Dalit community. All this sounds well and good, you might wonder what’s wrong in electing a person like this for the post of the president of the country.

I would agree with you but the only reason I’m saying this is a carefully orchestrated political play is because ruling party leaders like Amit Shah and Narendra Modi have pulled this string to make sure to maintain the electoral winning continuum of the party. Their persistence towards expanding BJP’s base among the subalterns and hitherto inaccessible pockets of Hindu voters to cleanse the party of its upper-caste image reflects a change in the nature of Indian politics. It is no longer a Congress-style laissez-faire pastime of entrenched elites and entitled dynasts but a churning from below that demands total commitment from practitioners.

All this said and done it cannot be concocted that the intentions of the ruling party are all full of sanctity from this one move. As far as politics is concerned, it’s a dirty game and the only way to keep on playing is to keeping yourself dirty. Having the candidate you put forth becoming the president is surely a part of dominance. If this move works out for the NDA government then the entire rashtrapati bhavan will be the ruling parties playground, they will get the freedom of operation which any party has failed to receive over the years.

This can be a good thing or be the road which leads to the fall of the nation as a democracy; frankly no one can ever accurately guess how things will turn out when politics is concerned. However it is most certainly interesting to see that Indian politics is moving towards a new age of meticulous planning and loyalty. Only hope can be laid on to the forthcoming presidential elections that it will bring a new dawn for Indian politics.


This post is authored by Vignesh Raju who is pursuing his degree in BBA-LLB (HONS). He enjoys reading as a hobby and along with this is avidly interested in debating, elocutions, creative writing, and photography.


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