A good team is required for a victory. With the help of the good team, you can face all obstacles easily. Well here is our team:

 Jay Prakash Chaurasia: Founder & CEO

Jay completed his First Year in Law School. More than studies he is interested in competitions and extracurricular activities. The idea of   Legum Locus came in his mind when he faced the problems in getting his first internship so he decided to create his own website that will help law students with their jobs and internships. He is also a Publishing Editor of Arguendo, and earlier worked with Law  Mantra as a Research Associate. He is also a Chief Editor of ‘The Student” official magazine of ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad. He like reading novels watching Bollywood movies in his free time that’s his way to relax You can reach him at jaychaurasia@legumlocus.com and his Contact Number is 8109090402.

 Late Mehul Chordia: Director

Mehul completed his first year in ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad.Marwari boy interest lies in business, always looks exploring in business fields. He completed his +2 from Gurukul, Hyderabad. His interest lies in exploring places, playing computer games. He completed all his schooling from Jodhpur itself and moved to Hyderabad after completing his class 10. He was a part of an organising committee of MUN that was held in ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad. His main goal is to be a businessman and work for people. He also has NGO and he is working for his NGO so that it can help more and needier peoples.



  Siddarth Jain- News Editor

Siddarth completed his First Year in Law School. He is pursuing BA-LLB. His story is quite interesting after completing his 12th he decided that he wanted to become an advocate and have to do something for society, So he decided to take 1 year drop and prepare for CLAT exam but unfortunately he was not able to clear exam and decided to take admission in ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad in 2016. He has so many dreams in life but the most important dream of his life is that he have to open an NGO in which he can give education to those children who are begging on the roads.He is our Bulletin Editor. You can reach him at siddarth.legumlocus@gmail.com and his contact number is 7661879584.

Debabrata Dash- News Editor

Debabrata completed his first year in ICFAI law school. He is pursuing BA-LLB. He did his schooling from V. D College Jeypore. He loves to play various sports in free time, cricket is his personal favorite. Except sports he loves to read books, articles, listen to music and watch movies, riding a bike and many other things. Work is my hobby. Being busy is his favorite thing. He is also interested in research work and exploring new places. He is more interested in his law subjects rather than BA subjects. It sounds boring to him. Debabrata will keep you updated with all the legal happenings in the country. He follows all the news channels. You can contact him at debabrata.legumlous@gmail.com and his contact number is 9776774811.

 Vignesh Raju: Editor

Vignesh Raju is a 1st-year student pursuing his BBA – LLB degree in ILS, Hyderabad He completed his primary education in Mumbai. He has varied interests which include reading, creative writing, poetry, history, debating, elocution. He enjoys photography as a passion along with intuitive writing. He likes traveling and is really fond of reading travel journals. Along with this, he is also a holder of a certificate in Spoken English by Trinity College London. He is also fond of playing and following football as a sport, is also a district level table tennis player. You can reach him at vignesh.legumlocus@gmail.com and his contact number is  9776774811.

Tushar Barik: Publishing Editor 

Tushar is the Publishing Editor of our Website and had some major interests in Researching, Engrossing technical skills, Reading Journals and much more, currently pursuing graduation degree of BBA-LLB in Hyderabad. He is a sort of simple living, friendly, hard-hitting guy who loves to gain knowledge from all the sources possible, He resides from the state of Chhattisgarh. He is interested in reading books and completing them and when it comes to research he digs all the sources possible to him. He also has good IT knowledge and looks differently each challenge. further, you can reach him through emailing him at tushar.legumlocus@gmail.com and his contact number is 7997263395.

Shreya Nigam: Public Relation Officer

Shreya is a law student of ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad. Being a law student, it’s crucial for us to improvise ourselves as an orator, general awareness and hence she has been a part of various Student Oriented conferences like MUNs (Model United Nations Conference) as a delegate and also as a member of Executive Board. Apart from this,  she not only believe in excelling in the area of professional study but also giving a leisure time to oneself ( listening to music and dancing to the beat of my favorite song).



Prathna Vohra: Public Relation Officer

Prathna Vohra is a student of ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad, pursuing BA LLB (Hons.). She is a 2nd-year student of the above-mentioned course. She believes that hard work leads to success, without hard work one’s goals cannot be achieved. She works consistently to achieve what she determines.She completed her 10th from St. Agnes’ Loreto Day School, Lucknow, thereafter she completed her 12th from City Montessori School, Lucknow. Her hobbies are Essay Writing, Storytelling, Dancing, Singing, watching movies, etc. In School life also, she used to take part in co-curricular activities which were held intra-school and inter-school.


Masoom Raj Singh: Research Associate & HR

Masoom is a student of BA.LLB 2nd year, pursuing her studies from ICFAI LAW SCHOOL, HYDERABAD. She has completed her intermediate from Chapra, Bihar. As far as her achievements are concerned, She writes articles for my college magazines and having experience of designing magazine. She has attended seminars on Consumer Protection, Cyber Law, Company Act.She also presented a paper on Consumer Protection in my own college. She is working as Research Associate and handling Human Resource Department in Legum locus. My hobbies are playing badminton and reading novels. She is somehow connected with photography so very much fond of exploring places.

 Swaraj Aditya Bose: Research Associate

Swaraj is pursuing his BA-LLB from ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad. He is a kind of a bookworm. He loves to read academic books and increase his knowledge is that particular subjects. He never gives up in his studies. He tries best to gain full knowledge rather than incomplete knowledge. He attends all the seminars, workshops that he thinks he can gain knowledge from that. He is good in debating and an active member of the debate society. He is also interested in writing articles for his college magazine. His favorite hobby is reading books and his free time he watch movies, read the news and go for sightseeing, he is fond of food.  You can contact him at swaraj.legumlocus@gmail.com and his contact number is 8763695819.

This is our complete team who is behind the Legum Locus. Apart from that Sourya Banerjee who is also a Career Counsellor of our website, he guided us whenever we felt any difficulties. And last but not the least Om Prakash Chaurasiahe helped us in developing Legum Locus.

You can contact our team, they all will be glad to help you.  🙂 😉