Welcome letter to Best Friends

*Dear Best Friends,*

*It may look strange that I am writing a letter to you but I don’t see any
reason why I shouldn’t write. I must welcome you to the world
which fascinates you today.*

*I welcome you to the world of Hate and discrimination. I write to let you
know that till now you lived at a place where you have been nurtured in
union of diverse cultures and different upbringings which shaped you into
individual who will construct and save pluralistic society.We’ve seen the
world together, seen the best and worst in each other, and in the end, only
ever know how to love each other. I have belief that you won’t change
according to world and continue to be who you are.*

*I welcome you to the world of Broken Dream and fear. I write to you to let
you know that you lived at place which provides atmosphere where you can
learn, laugh and live to the fullest. Don’t get caught in web of people’s
opinion.You may feel suffocating pressures of pleasing everyone in your
life with life decisions about your future. They may refer you worthless
even would not amount you to be stupid. You will feel mentally exhausted
and stressful but you need to remember we’re those people who find joy
amidst the sorrow and enjoy every small moments come to our ways.
We’re stronger, wiser, and able to take on a new world of possibilities for

*I welcome you to the world full of Politics and Liers. I write to you to
let you know that you belongs to places where you have been encouraged to
construct and share ideas. You have positive spirited discussions on
national and international affairs with people around. Don’t let yourself
fall into trap of Liers who will always try to win your trust. I implore
you to speak up and speak out immediately when something strikes you.*

*You have always come to me in the most brilliant of circumstances, amazed
me with your unconditional love and support. What I want for you is
immeasurable happiness because you have secretly learnt the rare
perspective of life in those seven years.*

*Now when world outside is in tight grip of what I wrote above (Hate and
discrimination, Broken dream and Fear, Politics and Liers). I am want to
make sure that you keep your chin up always.*

*I write to you to let you know that I have not forgotten those values –
accompany and embibe them in my conversation, work, and life.*

*Welcome to you 9th batch of Aryans.*

*With Endless Love!*


Arpit Raj

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